Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two mini art quilts

These two quilts are both approximately 8x10.  I'm sorry the shiny stars don't show up well.  They are for two swaps; one requested "crazy cats" and the other "ditzy dogs".  I adhered to the crazy cat idea but not the latter.  The little cat quilt is made from my precious stash of discontinued Laurel Birch fabrics.  She was an artist and quilt fabric designer who mostly did animals. Unfortunately, she died a few years ago.  The cat quilt is called "catatonic cats paralyzed by their fearful astral dreams."  I love the "scaridy cat" fabric. The calm cats actually do look catatonic to me.

The dog quilt is a second attempt at this theme.  I did a larger one, about 18x28 a few years ago for my daughter, Leslie, who I believe has it hanging in her apartment.  I attempt to illustrate a few lines from a poem by Mark Strand which I really love. In fact I love the poem so much I may yet make a third one for myself.

And I stood in the moonlight valley                
  Watching the great starfields
   Flash and glower in the wished for
    Reaches of heaven
   That’s when I, the dog they call Spot,
    Began to sing.

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