Friday, March 07, 2014

Using some selvages

Selvages!  I've been collectsing them a long time, and have made a few projects, one a twin size quilt, from a pattern in Karen Griska's book about selvage quilting. (see her blog in the sidebar here, Selvage blog) I save selvages from my quilting and others have given me collections of their selvages.  This is a zip bag the size that a queen size comforter was packed in. It's BIG and the selvages are packed rather tightly.

The current project has to do with women poets who are usually marginalized by male academic critics.  In fact, they have always been marginalized and few are taught in high school or college courses.  Often it only Emily Dickenson is known.  So it seems appropriate to include their pictiures, names and a few lines of their work among rows of selvages. I've just begun the project.  You see a panel for Maya Angelou.  It's  unironed and the edges only look neat because I've cropped the photo. Eventually a dozen blocks will be given the proper quilt treatment with borders, batting and backing and a wide border that will give me space to list many more poets and a few of their words.

I'll make a dent in my selvage collection but I'll still have a good collection for whatever project comes next.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wow! You sure have a lot of selvages.

I like this project you are doing. Your first block is perfect. Is there another contemporary female poet as popular, probably thanks to Oprah and President Obama.

It will be interesting to see which poets you include.

June Calender said...

Thanks, Carol. I know the dozen I'm including in panels and the I hope I have room for many, many more on the border -- there are SO many. Angelou is,as you say, well known. Here on Cape Cod Mary Oliver is equally well known. Of course I've included Dickenson. I hope the 12 will be together in a week and I can show a better photo.

June Calender said...
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