Saturday, March 15, 2014

International Quilting Day

International Quilting Day, as I am reminded by the Selvage Blog (see side bar and click to see some incredible quilts).  Here are hints at what I'm working on and hope to finish this month.  The top quilt is a selvage quilt that is finished. The one I'll spend most of today on is the one mentioned in the previous post with poets and their work. It's coming along well and I'm eager to get to the sewing room.  (The only downside is that when I'm done, I must straighten up the piles of selvages on my sewing room floor!)

The embroidered and embellished medallion is one of what will 42 medallions that will be part of another art quilt that I am nearly done embroidering and embellishing -- I have four more to complete before I put the 5 inch squares together.  As can be seen, it's time consuming and no two will be at all alike.  This is a one-of-a-kind  project that I'll most certainly never attempt again although this has been very enjoyable to work on over nearly two years.

So, I shall celebrate National Quilting Day, indeed, by quilting.


Steve Finnell said...
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June Calender said...

I have not enabled the comments filter so I see someone has taken advantage of that for a sermon. I do not see a way to erase it. So I apologize to any readers who find this offensive, as do I.

June Calender said...

Ah, happily I was able erase the sermon someone posted. This is a personal blog largely about quilting -- although it's sometimes a bit more personal.

I am happy to have your comments in reference to my posts.