Friday, November 09, 2012

Group quilt

Block exchanges (swaps) over the entire fall have finally added up to twenty 12x12 blocks almost all black and red, or just black ad white.  A bit of teal and a touch of yellow were included (actually in blocks I made as trials). So over the past week-end I put them together with three inch black stripping and this is what it looks like. 

I have pieced a back for it but haven't added batting and, of course, haven't quilted it.  The choice was to use black or red stripping. A year ago I did a similar sampler block quilt with red and liked it very much but I thought a change would be good.  The black is fine although it makes it seem a very serious quilt. 

With many other projects in the works, this will remain a UFO for some time, I think.

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A Visit With Mrs T said...

I love all the different patterns in this quilt!