Monday, November 28, 2011

Visual Metaphors

I will be talking about quilting and visual images, using my diary pieces to illustrated. I kept a daily quilt diary -- making 4x6 inch pieces nearly every day of my 65th year. Each was a visual metaphor for something memorable about that day, some were very obvious, some more subtle. Here are four. Above was a day beside the ocean.

The second, obviously Black eyed Susans -- a three dimensional little quilt, for one of those September days when it seemed everyone's front yard had at least one clump of these flowers. I think these are more literal than intellectually metaphoric.

This is called "the moon was a ghostly galleon -- no highway man" Obviously it's a night when the full moon was partly obscured by flying clouds and the reference, most people will recognize, is the Noyes poem The Highwayman that nearly everyone read in middle school.

The final one is entirely metaphoic, an abstract reaction to hearing "joyous chamber music". All together I made about 350 little quilts that year. I've put twenty together into a wall quilt which these are all part of. I will probably print another few in a few more days.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I do love fabric journals and yours are simple great. I love the ocean one, beautiful. What do you do with all these June?

June Calender said...

I've made one wall quilt using only 20 -- that leaves about 310, which are stored in boxes. Many have been color xeroxed and are in a loose leaf notebook for quick reference or basic sharing.