Sunday, November 20, 2011

Illustrating a Poem

Moved by an experience last Tuesday I wrote a poem, then made a quilt and added the poem to i

At the MFA

An overcast autumn day, warm and wet as spring --
from a window above the Japanese garden
I mistook many-colored lilting leaves
for a flock of fast flying birds.
Only laggards fainted
upon raked gravel
writing a random calligraphy
reminding me
summer had flown.

The entire quilt has become the blog header. Above is the left half of the quilt, and here is the right half. I'm sorry I cannot get a clear photo [inadequate light, camera moving] but the white strips flying below the "birds" and drifting downward, are the lines of the poem.

The MFA of the title is the Museum of Fine Art in Boston where I was on Tuesday, Truly for a moment the mass of leaves flying on a gust of wind -- not falling but rushing past my sight -- seemed a flock of birds actually flying north.

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