Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Nwational Seashore Challenge Quilts

This first quilt was the view's choice of the nearly 50 challenge quilts honoring the National Seashore's 50th anniversary. The many fabrics making up the water were beautifully handled. Crows are at least a numerous as seagulls in this area.

I apologize because I'm not a good photographer and these quilts, all 16x20 were hung three deep, so the higher up one I had to hold the camera over my head and the lowest ones mean I had to squat or kneel which wasn't feasible with the numbers of people trying to look at them. So I mostly odd angles.

This one was my personal "viewer's choice" I like the simplicity of the water and the stakes that are sand barriers.

I haven't been in the areas with the little cabins in the dunes which have become legendary thanks to the artists, poets and writers who lived in them and still do in the summer time. It makes me a little nostalgic for something I've neer experienced.

The last one reminds me of times I've walked on the beach in chilly weather. It's an exhilerating experience. All the quilts are being moved to the the visitor's center at the National Seashore and will hang there until sometime in October.

The thing that thrilled me most about the whole Bayberry Show was the skill and ingenuity and beauty of this set of quilts. I think the subject struck home to everyone and called forth their greatest creativity.

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Angies Place said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures. They are beautiful. Wish I could be a good up and personal look at them!!!