Friday, August 05, 2011

Bayberry Quilters Guild Show

This vintage quilt it called "Good-bye, Eleanor Briggs" and is owned by guild president, Carol Salnero, with a photo and brief history of the Briggs family, including a note that the quilt was made by Nellie Briggs. There were other vintage and antique quilts but this one looked so modern with a bit of optical illusion that I thought I might some day like to make one somewhat like it using smaller size pieces. Very often the old patterns are the most dramatic and satisfying. For me this was one of the most dramatic in the entire show of about 300 quilts.

The general tone and atmosphere of Cape Cod is, unsurprisingly, New England traditional and that was the overall tone of the show even thought many quilts showed influence of current day quilting teachers and their techniques as well as many quilts having been long arm quilted. Color choices are contemporary but on the soft side for the most part. One could say that it was mostly a "pretty" show with both the positive and negative implications of the word. I enjoyed it but didn't find it exciting. I didn't take many picture and will go back tomorrow an hour before closing [when I need to be there anyway to pick up my quilts], and take some more photos, especially of the considerably more inventive National Seashore Anniversary quilts -- mostly fairly naturalistic but very inventive and well done.

Two prolific long time quilters were featured with their own show space. One was Paula Tuano, the other Mary Wheatley. I only have this picture of the brightest quilts in the entire show, which is Paula's "Serengeti Sunset."

More photos in a couple of days.

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