Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten new selvage post card

An hour the day before yesterday and an hour yesterday and I have ten 4x6 postcards almost done. I like to use a small print as the focal point in the center, in this case, as you see, birds. It's a great way to use up some of the shorter cuts of selvages.
The ends where I turned in the backing need to be hand stitched, so if you click to enlarge the pictures you'll see pins. That's nice handwork I can do while chatting with the ladies who gather on Thursday nights in the community room of the apartment complex to talk about or do needlework. One of these ladies is 92, in generally good health and making another - many have preceded it -- spectacular cathedral windows quilt. She uses a snowy white and add, in the "windows," very bright modern fabrics. She tired to teach me and I do understand the technique but I don't want to spend so much time hand quilting. I prefer a project like these post cards than can be accomplished quickly.

I always write the words "post card" on the back because some post office employees don't otherwise know what they're dealing with even when the address and stamp should make it obvious. These must be hand canceled so they need a 44 cent stamp instead of the post card 28 cent stamp. You can see I used lavender backing for some, and a light green print for others. Most ballpoint pens are okay to use but I like to use permanent ink Sharpies, a fat tip for the "Post card" and fine tip for other writing.



June -- Clever idea. I imagine your recipients enjoy receiving such personal treasures. -- barbara

Mumma Troll said...

The birds on your postcards are lovely. It's such a great idea to use up the selvedges too, I hate wasting anything, so I'll be making lots of these postcards in the future.

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