Monday, May 31, 2010

What I'm Reading about Quilting

I've had 500 Art Quilts: An Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work, from Lark Books for some time, I went through it systematically once and now keep flipping at random. The subtitle says it all. They are inspiring quilts. I'm happy to have 500 pictures and quibble wishing there were more text, some authors' statements or bios, at least a note on nationality. But to put 500 quits in a fat-ish book that is about 8x8 is quite a feat without editorial. I love looking at the creative work of quilters even though I know I will never make quilts like them.

I recently purchased some quilting tools by mail from Connecting Threads which usually sells quilting books for 40 to 60% off. At that price I cannot resist indulging myself for books that are beautiful, full of good ideas, inspiration and helpful text even though, again, I know I will not be making that sort of quilt. In this case I'm perusing Ruth B. MacDonald's Fabric Journey, and Color and Composition for Creative Quilting by Katie Pasquini Masopust and Brett Barker. Color is one of my chief bugaboos in making my own quilts. In fact, a large part of my pleasure and addiction to quilting is that this is the only visual/color creative area that I "work" in since I am primarily a verbal person and have very little drawing ability. And I am often disappointed with the results of my color choices. I have been working today on a wildly colored quilt that I will photograph in a day or two, so more about that later.


Rainy said...

I wish I could learn to quilt.. my aunt made two of my boys wonderful quilts (one a quillow) and I love them both..

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

You could certainly have put anyone of your quilts in that book. You do lovely work and your colors are great together. Am I a Fan?