Saturday, May 08, 2010

Unsewn UFOs

There are UFOs, like all those flying saucers seen in the 1950s -- where have they all gone? Did the aliens give up on us earthlings? And there are quilters' UFOs. Most quilters have one or one dozen or more --projects started and put aside, maybe to be taken up and finished "when I get a round tuit." Round tuits can be hard to come by.

At the moment I don't have any UFOs, except a crib bumper that won't be needed tomorrow as the baby is less than two weeks old and still in his bassinette. But I have a bunch of unsewn UFOs. Maybe other people have them too. For some people they may be kits purchased but not yet made. I don't have any kits but I have a folder of pictures and ideas for when I get a round tuit. I've just started one of those today. It's a paper pieced throw size quilt [unless it grows]. The book with the basic design -- from which I diverge as I usually do, came into my possessions, I know not how long ago. Today I pulled out the fabrics [it's a true stash buster] and made the first block. There are many to go but they are relatively simple. It shouldn't take too long -- but then as I keep bemoaning and never really deep down learning, quilts always taker longer than you think they are going to take.

I have round tuits that already have the fabrics chosen. They are packaged with the idea and maybe a pattern in plastic bags. I will make them some day ... one by one. I hope. With me it's not very different from cooking dinner. All impulse. What do I feel like eating that's already in the fridge? What do I feel like sewing that's at least partly picked out and been waiting a good long while? It's a passion, it's a hobby, it's not a job. I can work on impulse. Aren't I lucky?

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