Friday, February 05, 2010

Finsihing Another Quilt

Months ago I showed a picture of this quilt in progress. It's finally done [almost -- I have loose threads to tie and clip on the buttons]. This is the second in a year with the stripes turned into blocks with button embellishment. The first had real shirting stripes from a big armful of shirting samples. They were used up so when I wanted to make another I began collecting striped quilting fabrics.

As you see they have been cut in right angle triangles and sewn together to make patterned blocks. Some were remnants and because they were different sizes, so are the blocks, which was part of the plan. This is not entirely my own brainchild. I saw a picture of a shirting strip quilt with the shirting handled this way that was designed by Kaffee Fassett. But the button idea is my own. The top picture shows the center of the quilt where every block has buttons. There are no buttons on the border blocks although I'm thinking about adding them. As I so often write, it's very labor intensive so I hesitate.

The picture of most of the quilt which is below has, again, crummy color reproduction -- it's either me or my camera and probably some of both. I'm happy to have it done even with a question mark on the done. It is twin bed size. I've got another quilt with the center all done and ready for border and quilting that I'll tackle next week but that's going to take quite a while. Of course the star quilt is still in progress and so is another block quilt that I'm not ready to write about.


Nellie's Needles said...

Delightful!!! It's pastel without being too sweet. I love the buttons sewn in the center. Not adding them to the outer parts may make the quilt more functional than if they're out getting in the way of comfort.

Diana said...

That striped fabric used as an inner border and outer border really makes this one sparkle!

Kass said...

Glorious! You have a wonderful sense of color.