Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Dawn

Dawn is still wonderful -- after nearly 30 years of not being able to see dawn, the pleasure of living where I can look out any and all my windows and see the dawn continues to make me pick up my camera and take yet one more photo. I wake up early, I can always see the dawn but it will always be different. This particular photo reminds me of the frequent phrase in at least one translation of the Odyssey, "rosy fingered dawn."

I just read on someone else's blog a quote from the Islamic poet, Rumi. The breeze of the dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep." I take his advice. I am not mystical enough to think in terms of secrets being told by the dawn. I think the "secret" is just that when one is aware of something repeatedly, when one pays attention to the simplest facts of nature [that no two dawns are alike] one is grounded in the real world, which is much larger than ourselves.

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Kass said...

June, this is so reverent. Sometimes I forget you have this blog and I'm always delighted to stop over here and see what you've added. How do you decide what to put on the 7-0 blog and what to put here?