Thursday, June 21, 2007

Finished at last!

Whoopy-do! and Hip-hip-hurray! Finally I have finished the blue summer quilt and it is on the bed. The binding and the label were this afternoon's finishing touches. Heaven knows I've got plenty of bed sized quilts but I liked this open kind of star and I adore blue -- so here we are! And I'm satisfied.

So, let's see, now what: Several projects that I would love to get done this summer.

1.. A small quilt with a dog and a starry sky and the Mark Strand poem that I adore -- I think it can be done quickly ... but nothing is ever as quick as one hopes.

2. A wall size quilt with the wondeful rooster fabric I have and a great printed fabric I found in Cape Cod last summer with a story about raising poultry in the 1770s or so. I don't have a picture in mind of how to do it. So that's a challenge. I like challenges.

3. I have a printed touristy fabric with Mt. Kailash and lake Mansowar that I just happened upon. I'd like to back it and quilt it ... sounds easy enough. We'll see. [I have another wonderful piece with flowers that needs the same treatment ... and have had it for years, and it's lovely ...]

4. I have cut out the special pieces that can be two "Stack-n-Whack" quilts, probably throw size. I've stated sewing one. I get a thrill watching these pieces go togerther. A child-like game. And why not?

5: There are two inch squares from the share table at the guild that I've started sewing into four-patch squares that I then want to then put together with 4x4 squares and thus make a couple of homey old fashioned looking baby quilts for the charity project.

6. And I want to make a jacket with a lot of either purple fabrics or dark fabrics wih others that have a lot of gold print. I don't NEED a jacket but I long for one whenever I see others at meetings with ones they've made. And I recently purchased a jacket pattern. So ... why not.

Half a dozen projects [of which two include two quilts, as one might have noticeid]. What are my odds of completing that? I for one wouldn;t put any money on it ... but thoughts and visions in odd moments when I'm thinking about quilting between the other balls I'm juggling in terms of things I want, or plan to do. Too many plans is better than nothing to do ... I cannot actually imagine having nothing to do.

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Helen Conway said...

Oh Good, I am glad I'm not the only one with way more quilting ambitions than time in the day!