Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vacation dreaming

It's almost 8:00 and it's still light out. Tomorrow is supposed to be over 80 degrees and the next pushing 90. Winter's behind -- of course it'll be cool a few more times but I'm thinking about summer trips. Starting in about ten days with a trip to Cape Cod for Cori's graduation -- my second grandchild to graduate from high school. Then it's time to think about a trip to Indiana and Ohio. This is Quilt National year and I have combined it with a visit to relatives and hope to again. Seeing Quilt National at the Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio is a wonderful experience ... seeing this year's choices of art quilts "in person" ... buying th catalog and being amazed for months after at how different art is in front of you and on a printed page.

I hope there will be an August Cape Cod visit with some beach time ... and then I'll be thinking about the year's big trip. This time to South America in October -- which is spring there! Simple facts of geography can be quite mind blowing.

I'm keeping this picture from the brochure in mind ... the trip includes three days of treking in the Andes, reaching about 12,000 feet [the altitude of Lhasa, Tibet]. I beleive we will drive over a higher pass on the way to Bolivia ... When I went to Macha Pichu the weather was not sunny and I only got a brief glimpse of a snow covered mountain, truly it was hard to believe I was at 10,000 and among the Andes. So I look forward to getting to see them as the gorgeous giants they are. Oh, what lovely things I have to think about in those moments of reverie ...

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