Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fine Fickle Weather

The weather prediction was quite specific. Clouds in the morning, turning to bright sun in the afernoon. Didn't happen. Until mid-afternoon and never as warm as predicted. Throughout most of April and May, sometimes right into June, it is impossible to be dressed comfortably. Too warm or too cold, or it rains when no one expects it. I went out of my building this morning and saw a woman walking by in a sleeveless dress. I saw a man coming toward me in a parka with the hood up. Seveal people were wearing raincoats. We're all confused.

Oh, well ... as a walked home from the post office in the fine sun that finally shone, the street was lined with trees in new leaf -- the sun filtered through the tender yellow green of the small leaves and sprinkled the sidewalk with light while I walked under the new canopy. The picture here is from a walk to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park on Sunday before last. It was a lovely day. After the garden I found a path I had not previously been on in a section, the North Woods, I have not ventured into before -- it's further north than I usually have reason to walk. I picked my way through a bit of bog that had spread over the path for a few feet.

Eventually I was reluctant to leave and spent 15 mintues on a bench watching the usual mix of New Yorkers from toddlers to elderly out enjoying a truly wonderful day. The next day it rained and turned cold. But weather is a blessing for what many of us consiider social life -- it's always something to talk about. And we do.

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