Monday, January 15, 2007

Rainy Day Reverie

Take one chilly, rainy day, make it a holiday, add a bit of boredom -- do not microwave. This is a recipe for quiet and reverie. I've been indoors most of the day, sewing most of that time so that I don't really have to look at the dimness outside and the godawful brick wall of the new building blocking my view -- mostly it's not rented yet so I can't even be a perverted voyeur and watching other people in their apartments -- it's all dark little windows. What to think about? Other than sewing straight llines and matching the thread, etc.?

Travel, of course. Places I've been -- I've shown this picture of prayer flags at a Tibetan Buddhist shrine in Yunnan before but I've been thinking about the book I mentioned yesterday, Re-Enchantment by Jeffery Paine which openned up a -- which is the word? -- plethora or myriad? -- Or I could say, a whole jumbled batch of wonderful memories of traveling in Tibet and Nepal where I saw lots of Buddhist shrines and monasteries, and prayer flags everywhere -- mountain passes, river crossings, house tops. trees by the side of the road.

When the chair i was sitting on got hard and I got tired, I took a break and sat in my comfy leather chair with a footstool and surfed the Artful Quilters Web Ring. I noticed that a bunch of new blogs have been added in the last couple of days. So I checked them out as well as several others on the next to last page. I LOVE that there are so many Aussie and Kiwi quilter-bloggers!! This is better -- much better -- than going to travel sites or travel blogs. I can see their quilts and craft work, AND I can read about the summer heat, the dreadful wildfires [Alas] and see their piectures of summer at the beach, the bountiful backyard orchards and the magnificent abundance of flowers ... so much better than travel writers tellikng me about cheap dig where I'll neve stay. These are real people living busy lives, creating things and sharing the bounty of their lives. I REALLY love the international flavor of this Web Ring. It's wonderful to feel liike a citizen off the world touching base, at least virtually, with people from many places. Ususally I'm so busy I can only read a blog or two when I sit down at the computer so Hurray for Rainy Holidays. ... Now when will people move into that new building and do scandalous and kinky things in front of open windows? ... I don't mind waiting for that day to come.

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