Saturday, January 27, 2007

Butterflies all day ...

A good day to be at home making butterflies! So I did. I worked on four more to be matted like these two and the two shown a few days ago. The new ones are not quit done. It was cold and gray out so I truly enjoyed making colorful butterflies. You know when people say, "enjoy you day"? Some days you are aware that you really are enjoying.

I'm preparing these butterflies for the members' boutique at the Empire Quilters Guild show two months from now. it's big and compliccated and committees are working very hard. I hauled down my series of "attic window" quilts that I hope to sell at the boutique. I've made 13 in the series, one I gave away and another maybe, or it may be misplaced. I'll make another so I have an even dozen. These, like the stars and butterflies were made for pure pleasure. The delight of seeing how they turn out, and what colors and espeically what borders work. The job is the joy. I'm ready to part with them and have a couple more square feet of space in the closet. The same is true with the butterflies. It's been a lovely day of creating, now I'll be happy for them to move to a new home. Gee, I hope they'll sell, it'll be money for the guild and for me. If we get some bright sunny days I'll take digital pictures of them and show a few or several.

By the way, this is true, I swear, I'm not inventing it: the Met. opera broadcast today was Puccini's Madame Butterfly!!!

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