Friday, December 29, 2006

Mellow. Thinking of nice things

No pictures for a couple days, so some nice pictures today and not so very, very many words [tho' that's hard for me]. Thinking about India as I read, or stop reading, TRAVELS WITH ELSA CLOUD, here is a large detail of a quilt I made with pictures I took at sunrise across the Jujuma from the Taj Mahal. Taking form as the mists cleared and the sun rose, it was magical. After breakfast I wrote a poem. But it wasn't just the Taj, every day I was in India a poem came to me spontaneously, that never happened on any other trip.

Summer, a path in the woods -- the familiar, homey woods of Versailles State Park in Indiana, a path I always walk when I am there. It crosss and recrosses this little stream on stepping stones. If it's early morning or almost dusk one might see deer. Otherwise there is a midday silence, no birdsong. Maybe a flitting butterfly, water spiders, maybe a blue heron. I hope to walk a lot of paths in a lot of other places, different parts of the world yet. Walking alone in the woods is one of the most peaceful things one can do. I think often of Mary Oliver's poems which frequently result from her early morning walks and observations.

A 4x6 inch block from what I'm calling, "My Daily Diary of My Amazing 65th Year" -- a cup overflowing ... with stars. It could be an emblem for how I feel about life when we come to the end of yet another year. Yes, my 65th year was amazing. But every year has been amazing; this year has, last year was, any year I pick out ... I listen to people chirp "enjoy your day". "Have a good evening." Does anyone have a moment and think as s/he sinks into sleep, ah, another good day? Landmarks like New Year arrives, or if you are church goer, maybe a minister reminds you to count your blessings ... would doses it spontaneously? That which is special, doesn't feel special when it becomes every day, familiar ... except if we suddenly can't. I cannot right now tie a shoe. I can't bend that far ... soon I will again; but right now my hip won't let me. Maybe the first time I put on my laced ankle boots I'll realize I'm having a good day.

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