Friday, May 18, 2018

a la O'Keefe

In the last few days I made the small quilt on the header with two seashells, and then made this even smaller quilt (about 8x10) for a challenge to make a quilt inspired by an artist. I chose Georgia O'Keefe and tentatively named it, "If Georgia lived on Cape Cod ..." I did not know she had ever painted seashells. That was because I did not go to the book of her life and work that is on my book shelf until after I had  finished both. I found the picture here as well as others similar to the two shells on the blue background in the header. 

Like nearly everyone on Cape Cod, I have a collection of shells I've picked up when walking on the beach.  These shells rest on a book shelf in front of to-read books. I love their shape and color and texture. This was a wonderful challenge.  I rarely quilt in close rows as I did here but they seemed to need a quilty background.


potterylady said...

What a beautiful piece this! And I am not a fan of seashells, I like beach stones and driftwood more.

And not being a quilter I had not thought people would make such small pieces, that could be framed as Artwork, how clever.

And since I have cats the only way to have pretty fabric pieces would be to have them on the wall in safety.

June Calender said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog. Yes, quite a few quilters make art quilts that vary in size but are meant to be hung on the wall. After all, one can us only so many bed quilts and ideas for quilts tumble out faster than one can make most bigger quilts.