Saturday, December 31, 2016

Giving Away Quilts

 Happily I've found homes for these two quilts.  I enjoy making quilts but I also am very happy when I can give them to someone who will enjoy having them.  I also enjoy making more space in my closets (top shelves) and under beds so that I can store more quilts as I make them.

The top quilt is made from a design by Karen Griska (see side bar) who wrote a book about using selvages and has authors The Selvage Blog. I very much enjoyed making this quilt but had not seen it for a year or two  when I began sorting quilts last week. I gave it to a long time friend (basically my daughter Rachel's friend) Paloma who had just had a birthday.

The second quilt, a classic snowball block surrounded by bright two inch squares was from a Swap-bots swap.  I made squares for swappers and they sent me squares and then I added a few more to make the quilt as large as I wanted it to be. This quilt I gave to Cheryl who is my daughter Leslie's "near-sister" as they decided a couple of days ago. They were best friends all through grade and high school but have gone separate ways and very rarely see one another. I had not seen Cheryl, as she said "for decades." I had been sorting and feeling overwhelmed with quilts I've made, inspired by first one magazine article or another, so I was happily inspired to give Cheryl a bright and cheerful quilt like the  "snowball among  jewels" as I named it. Obviously both of these are essentially scrap quilts -- I truly enjoy scrap quilts, the great variety of patterns and colors are a pleasure to put together. I always think that scrap quilts are metaphors for crowds of people and for civilization. Individuals harmoniously together within a context. 

Oh my, I love making quilts. I love the colors and designs and seeing how they go together. I don't love the actual quilting really and do very basic machine quilting.  (I also don't like a lot of the currently very popular long arm complicated quilting patterns over-laying the block designs). 

Currently I have three completed tops to be sandwiched and quilted. One will be finished soon, the other two may take longer.

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