Thursday, July 21, 2016

Little flowers

I couldn't resist taking these two pictures of tiny, tiny flowers (weeds?!) growing in the very dry lawn. The pictures are very nearly actual size. 

The top picture is a lovely star shaped "flower" with very minute little purple flowers nestled in the grass around. Anyone who is really a gardener or botanist can tell that the top (white) flower is actually the dried remnant of a dandelion.  I thought it was very pretty,

And here is a dandelion in flower, familiar to all of us, but very small (same size as it's mate (brother, cousin?) in the top picture. They were within inches of one another.

I have noticed these and other very small flowers in my badly cared for lawn (it's only mowed by a lawn care company) which needs grass planted at whatever the appropriate time is.  It needs to be watered but we are approaching drought conditions and many Cape communities have banned grass watering. Hyannis has not done so yet, I think they are remiss in that area.  Looking out my window or sitting on my little patio beside a lush lawn is a pretty thing to do .... but I'm glad it isn't being watered. 


barbara judge said...

June -- Maybe you have picked up on my thoughts about weeds -- I think they are great. Nice that you caught a photo of a few weed friends. Of course the Monsanto folks will try and tell you that weeds are bad, unfortunately. And unfortunately again that drought conditions are to be found over many states along with watering bans. My daughter lives in Calif. and it seems that every summer she tells me about the bans. -- barbara

June Calender said...

There are a few things I'd like to tell the Monsanto people, too. We are in a drought situation, and have other water problems too. I've always liked dandelion and those other (weedy)flower that grow in the grass or along side roads. How can anyone call Queen Anne's lace a weed?