Saturday, December 12, 2015

On Display

This woven quilt -- the second large one I've done, (30"x42") is now on display at the Yarmouth Cultural Center here in Cape Cod.  They do many, many art shows a year in their converted bank building with a great central room and three little rooms in which to do smaller shows. To fill the center room for a couple of weeks they published an open call for art works by people of all ages, no show fee, and they encouraged people who do not ordinarily think of their work as art that will be displayed in public.  The wanted to know the decade in which the artist's age fell.  They will sell any quilts that have a price noted.

I thought it was a grand idea so I took this quilt on Tuesday. Along with all the other entries it was hung that evening and a reception was held last night -- the reception was also for three small art shows in the other rooms.  It was so well attended parking was a problem. I went and enjoyed seeing the variety of art.  I think there was a six-year old's crayon drawing. I remember a combined display of two pieces of art the same size, one by a seven-year old and the other by his 77-year old grandmother.  Although the quality of the art was not exceptional, there were several pieces by recognized local artists. Two other quilts were on display, both by people in my age group, both representational, one a "tide line" quilt -- quite nice -- and another of a huge butterfly, closely stipple quilted with the words "Hope is the thing with feathers."  Not only did I dislike the visually distracting quilting but a butterfly is NOT "the thing with feathers."  I am literal enough to be irked by that ... plus I have been working on a small fabric/quilt book with Emily Dickinson quotes including that one -- which will be illustrated with birds and an actual feather.

I was pleased they hung this quilt in a spot with good lighting. It has small beads on the squares (which are diamond quilted  as well); the beads catch th light very nicely.  If it should sell that would be fine.  Looking at it and at the autumn quilt I just finished which also has a woven background, makes me want to do a few more in different colors. I have the next one in mind ... but I have no idea when I can get around to it. It will be a spring quilt so I  hope I can do it by spring.

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So beautiful!