Friday, May 15, 2015

The Chair Challenge

The "Uncommon Threads" Group which recently invited me to join proposed a first challenge:  12x12 inch block on the subject of Chair.  Maybe it's a bit perverse of me but I immediatly thought of "The Chair" and created the block you see.  I also did a little bit of research and wrote the following poem which is on the back. I know no one is likely to see it but then I know that most people really don't want to think about the subject of The Chair. Likewise I added to the front some simple facts about The Chair, printed in size 10 font and added to the white strips. These are a bit hard to read, again on the assumption that, in fact people don't really want to know. 

Need I add that other people have more expected chairs on their blocks?  Only one was finished at our meeting. A couple were more traditional depictions of chairs and a couple were somewhat abstract or "artistic".  All five will be shown together as one exhibit at the Bayberry show in August.

Edison vs Westinghouse

“The French have their guillotines,”
said Tom. “So bloody. So ugly.”
“The English have their chopping blocks,”
said George, “So medieval, so evil.”
“Firing squads are not sure fire
And hangings are primitive and pioneer,”
Tom and George agreed.
“The world is changing, yes indeed,
in every way, we have electricity today.”

Both set to work, each designed a chair,
dependably fatal and bloodless anywhere.
 Tom patented his invention first in 1888.
“Well,” said George. “I’ll sell more bulbs,
appliances too, just you wait.”
From 1890 to today, twelve long decades
“The Chair,” was the nightmare of death row,
emptying prisons and murderers and traitors.
For twelve long decades, in US prisons,
“Old Sparky,” or “Smoky” held sway
but lethal injection is mostly used today.


barbara judge said...

June -- very clever "cell" block indeed! -- barbara

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

You are toooo cool girlfriend.