Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Started something new, having fun

I saw a selvage quilt like this on the Selvage Blog (see side bar here and scroll down a few days). It had a red center star but when I got the selvage triangles sewn I saw a scrap of blue on the table, so I used it. And liked it and pulled out a few other blues and light purples.  The design will be a spider web of selvages when several blocks are put together. 

The block Karen showed on her blog was in process so I could see how it was put together. I made my own template out of cardboard after making a careful drawing of the block on some cheap paper. To my delight the template was right (added 1/4 inch for seams).  Putting the block together was a bit of a puzzle, it's done in halves which are triangles, instead of the usual block within a block method.  A tad harder than usual because of the biases but not difficult.

I love working with selvages.  For these I used drier sheets as foundations, a favorite foundation not only for the sake of frugality but the residual bit of perfume.  I'm not sure how large the final quilt will be, probably not bed size unless I just can't stop sewing selvages. I find it very fun to work with them and I like the idea of stars in these various shades of blue and purple.


barbara judge said...

Oh I like the way you are creating the colors in your salvage quilt. If only I was born with my mother's sewing talent I could maybe produce a quilt. Instead I buy them. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thank you, Barbara. Sewing machines are easy to acquire. Somehow I think you're most content with a really good camera to satisfy your creative impulses -- you certainly use it well.