Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stash -- in Grace's Basement

This is not Grace's basement -- after having been to Grace's basement I am not ashamed of my sewing room and my stash, they are as a child's sandbox is to an ocean beach.  Grace is cochairman of our guild's Quilt Bank.  She has been making and collecting from the guild members charity quilts for many years.  Fabric gravitates to her, that is to say, to her basement. It's an ordinary suburban house and it has a nearly full size basement which as of Wednesday, when it was opened to guild members, probably didn't seem to have decreased in stash amount. She estimated over 3000 yards of quilting fabrics.

So my stash closet (bottom photo) may be kind of messy but the fabric stored on the shelf and the one above it that is only partially visible and in shelves and containers below, really is not much fabric ... in comparison.  But I felt guilty enough about my stash that I took only a few pieces from Grace's basement meant for the red, white and blue, unfinished quilt top that is lying on the floor as if it were a rug. That top will be finished tomorrow with another border of half-square triangles and another fabric border. Then it will be given to Grace at the next guild meeting since a current project if patriotic colored quilts. Her committee does the quilting.

The pile of stuff on my bed that rarely gets used as a bed are what we call UFOs, unfinished objects.  Four are pillows and a fifth piece will become a pillow cover, all for the guild's show boutique. The miscellaneous and indistinguishable things are quilts to be quilted.  And on the design wall are my nearly complete blocks for a show quilt that will have 42 embroidered and embellish circular designs -- I have a few more to do before it is sewn together.   So this is where I'll be many days the next couple of months.  When I finish the red, white and blue top, I'll have a morning of straightening and the room look better ... for a while.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Too funny, that closet! By the way, your header photo is beautiful.

June Calender said...

Thank for remarking Dy, that closet needs organizing ... someday.