Friday, April 04, 2014

Thank you, Karen

This darling pin cushion and the two jeweled "pinsies" were made by Karen Griska, the publisher of The Selvage Blog (see sidebar), one of my favorite blogs.  She is a wonderful quilter but also makes the pinsies and pin cushions, all in a wonderful varieties and now and then she gives some away to her blog followers.  I was lucky enough to win this one. Since I use a lot of red, it couldn't be more perfect.  Thank you, Karen.

I have her fan pattern of which she's shown a number of iterations lately.  At the moment I'm champing at the bit because I have a pile of UFOs that I MUST work on -- although maybe not finish all of them -- before I can allow myself to try the pattern, one I really, really love because it's perfect for the way I like to quilt -- with scraps and without templates.

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