Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Little Quilt

This little quilt (about 18x22) is a sort of color wash background illustrating William Carlos Williams' little imagistic poem "The Red Wheelbarrow" which is written in the blue rectangles. Here''s the poem.
 So much depends
on a red wheel
glistening with rain
beside the white

I've puzzled over this poem for years and now I've been told that he means simply, we must pay attention to the little things around us.  Okay?  Okay.

The quilt is done except I need to get some silver  paint and give the wheelbarrow a few splashes to "glaze" it .  I'm thinking of three other short poems that I might treat in the same way, although not necssarily with  a background of squares -- a small series. That wheelbarrow is certainly red, isn't it?