Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More interesting food

Rachel and I started our initiation into  New Mexican food with lunch at Monica's in the Old Town section of Albuqueque.  It had been highly recommended by a coworker of hers and was an good introduction to the huge plateful enchiladas, (or whatever) with rice and beans and plenty of embellishments.  Served with light and delicious sopadillas and flavored iced tea.  Great introduction but it convinced us to go lighter in our ordering in the future. 

In that heat and atmosphere we decided we did not often want real Mexican influenced food.  The photo here shows one of our best meals, yes, that's tacos on the plate in the lower left corner but they are light -- blue corn tacos filled with trout and a spicy sauce, with generous shaved Montery jack cheese on top.  The other plates include a small steak, and I've forgotten the other dish.  This was at a totally enjoyable restaurant in O'Keefe country, the Abiquiu Inn. 

Among other memorable places we ate, from funkiest, The Big Dawg in Esopolito (fine hamburger) to the Sugar Nymph on the High Road between Santa Fe and Taos, and the Love Apple in Taos, were the most memorable. The tall, beautiful carrot cake at the Sugar Nymph was unthinkable after a serious lunch but so haunted Rachel she had to have a piece of carrot cake shortly after getting home.  At the Love Apple we had locovore food, delicious and beautifully served on a patio.  One of our very best meals was all vegetarian from food we bought at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market and cooked in the suite (complete with kitchen) at the  Villa de Santa Fe, so attrative that we stayed an extra night.

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