Sunday, June 02, 2013

First finished, first started

No posts for a while because I have been working on a number of quilts more or less simultaneously.  Several will, I think, be finished this week although not in the order in which they were begun. 

This woven quilt is finished ... maybe. It was the first begun.  I have it hanging so I can decide if I want to add a few bead embelishments.  I have blue and fushia stones and I think a bit of sparkle might be a good thing. I took away the dark blue border I had originally and added this Hoffman fabric with what appears to be faceted diamond shapes. With the blue it was very somber, but now it almost asks for more sparkle so probably I will add the beads, not a lot, and not in a pattern. 

I hope to finish two more projects tomorrow and then I have a quilt to quilt that has been waiting about six months.  I hope to do that soon too.  After that there are two not too big quilts promised for our Bayberry quilt show, one is moving along slowly and the other is entirely in my head but will be fairly quick to make, and will be only about 20x20.  I love the feeling of finishing things, of "moving right along."

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