Saturday, August 07, 2010

More Quilt Show

"Spots Before Your Eyes" is the title of this quilt by Lynn Conroy. I took the picture of it and should have done a detail, because at each crossing of the narrow strips Lynn had used a dichroic glass button. If you click the picture here it will enlarge and then if you click the enlargement, again, it'll get even larger and you can see the buttons. I'm a major fan of dichroic glass and love the earrings I have made of it.
Dichroic glass is not only blue, as in this picture, although I think blue is my favorite color; it is in all the colors and very vividly. Lately it is used for many sorts of jewelry and also for buttons which can add a wonderful sparkle and richness to a sweater or jacket -- or a quilt.

A nice incident I only remembered a little later was when I had just looked at the only portrait quilt in the show, a wall hanging about 18x20 which showed a white haired woman. I admired it and had just turned to look at a quilt opposite it when I heard some comment like "You got my eyes right." I turned back and saw three women looking at the quilt. The short, white haired woman was the one in the portrait. I assumed one of the others was the quilter and probably her daughter. I'm sorry there was no way I could have got a photo of the woman looking at her own portrait.

I've just read a sweet piece about a little boy who did not talk as quickly as his contemporaries and had a very worried mother. click here Looking at a quilt, not even a typical I Spy sort, seemed the trigger that inspired him to begin to speak.

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