Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lap Quilt

When I measured the quilt with the disappearing parrots on it I discovered it was larger than I thought -- so large that it would be difficult to keep it safe from becoming tangled with wheelchair wheels. So I sent this quilt or Lisa who is shown here in front of a newly decorated Christmas tree in the residence where she lives. I also sent a second one that is a bit smaller which is a picture window design with African animals in the "windows.

I add ties of grosgrain ribbon that I had that actually matched the binding fairly closely. And on the top back made a couple of loops of the same ribbon through which the long tie ends could be threaded and tied in the middle to be out of the way when the quilt is not being used with a wheelchair [ties are tied behind wheelchair when in use so the quilt stays in place] Leslie sent me this photo - which is nice. I don't have pictures of other quilts being used by their recipients.


Nellie's Needles said...

Ah, you've got the true holiday spirit. Wonderful!

Thank you for sharing with us out here and those who need the warmth of caring as well as your quilts.

Evelyn said...

That's so nice of your friend to send you a picture. That's always the best thank you, I think! That quilt looks like it has found a perfect home.