Sunday, October 15, 2006

Giving and Getting - Serendipity Sunday

As I wrote yesterday, I've been cleaning closets. Which means gathering stuff for the thrift shop. I took a sizable shopping bag to Housing Works, my favorite thrift shop in the world. Can't go in without checking it out because they get incredible donations. Today's excitment was three brand new pieces of Laura Ashley cotton print at $2 a piece, a total of just under six yards -- easy math. $1 a yard. And it's so pretty -- perfect for baby quilts, especially the one with alphabet letters.
I never know what I'll find so it's always serendipity time. They also get donations of brand new clothes, not just used stuff. I found new Jones Jeans for $8 (with the $79 manufacturer's tag still on). They're partly Tercel, perfect for travel and a soft hand as "they" say in the "rag industry", which means it's not stiff denim but feels and hangs like a nice twill.
Walking on air from that I came home, by then it was almost 4:00 and I'd had no lunch. As I tried to convince myself not to stop at the nearest pizza place, I came up from the subway into a street fair. At my corner was a Thai stand offering $5 combo plates. Perfect. "Hot spicy peanut sauce on the chicken sate?" asked the vender. Of course! I hurried home salivating and was totally satisfied. Lovely spicy hot feel in the roof of my mouth and inside my lips -- love spicy food! The pad thai was topped with the sweetest, crispest bean sprouts I've ever had. The mixed bok choi, eggplant and chicken over rice was not overcooked. I know food tastes best when you're really hungry. I ws huntry; it was great. I even saved most of the pad thai and the spring roll for tomorrow. [yes, enough for two meals for $5!]
Once the tummy was taken care of I went back into the street fair with my camera. It was crowded and full of textiles,mostly from India and China.
All the street venders are selling "cashmere" and "pashmina" scarves ... look at the sign and shake your head. They are soft but not a strand of goat hair was shed for those scarves.
I took a bunch of pictures and I'll add more tomorrow or the next day but for now, just one more picture which is real or not silk scarvs from India, in fabulous colors. They were all jumbled in this gorgeous heap.

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