Sunday, March 06, 2022

 OH DEAR!!!  The previous post had a very wrong typo. I said the books is not available -- it should have said IS NOW AVAILABLE.  Yes, you can get it from Amazon in either paper back or  e-book version.

Let me explain a little more about this novel:  it is definitely not a HOW-TO about quilting. It is a story  of a young woman (Liz) who is writing a Ph.D. dissertation about a quilter who lives in the tiny -- but real -- town of Friendship, Indiana. Her advisor, a folk art specialist, has suggested she might write about quilting as an art.  A long time friend of Liz's great aunt, Geneva Gardiner is not exactly a "quilting Grandma Moses". Liz  calls her an Outsider Artist. So far so good -- but Liz does not sew and also must learn about what's happening among the hundreds of thousands women who quilt, not only in the USA but in many, many other countries. She has a lot to learn.

Liz is a young woman, so, of course, romance is important too. She met a wonderful man when visiting great museums of Europe; they O.D.-ed on old masters and took a break from art by signing up to teach English in Mongolia for two years.  Now she's back at college and her boyfriend has a new interest. Of course another man enters the picture ... and then another ... Plus her family play a role.  

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